The purposes of the society

The purposes of the society  ”Recreation centre for youth” are to promote healthy and active lifestyle for children and young people by providing some military training and possibilities for recreation, organize various sports and other events.


The History of the society

biedribaThe Society was founded in 2009, when we started to rent the land of 6.8 ha for the pitch in municipality of Ledmane. Then  building was  started to offer possibilities for active rest and recreation. Now in the pitch there is a bunker, a climbing wall, a hurdles, a big pond for water activities, a paintball pitch, partly finished racetrack for both cars and cycling.

There is an autonomous electricity system made  for the pitch – 3kW wind generator and 0.88 kW solar panel batteries.

In future there are plans to build a shooting – ground, other subsidiary houses and well-build the territory.

From 2012 to 2015 in the pitch the society organized  military sports games “ Contest of general Peteris Radzins of garrison of Ogre and Bauska for schoolchildren”.

In the pitch there are regular trainings and camps for young guards from municipalities of Skriveri and Jaunjelgava.

The Society has received the public benefit status.